My Outreachy Internship Progress

Only one month left to the end of my Outreachy internship! Looking behind, I actually see how much I’ve learned and enjoyed it!

My internship is to document the most commonly used healthcare workflows in LibreHealth EHR, and to update existing documentations that are affected by the fixed issues and need to be updated in the wiki.

I didn’t have a specific project timeline to follow, rather than task by task basis where I should make all the existing and to-be discovered PRs documented and get my new written docs published.

My first task was to go through all the Pull Requests (PRs) on LibreEHR repository, and make a list of the affected documents and the changes needed, then proceed to revise the documents. That way I had the list prioritized with the order in which the revisions should be made. After the revisions were completed, I published them on the wiki. In this task I had the chance to get an exposure to Mediawiki markup -which I never used before- and to get familiar with the EHR medical workflows and its documentation.

The next tasks were documenting two sections in the LibreHealth EHR Other Reports (Inventory and Procedures sections), and updating the FlowBoard documentation which I previously accomplished in the contribution period and I uploaded it to the wiki. I learned in these tasks how to wikify LibreHealth EHR docs.

My current task is to revise and update the LibreHealth EHR Basic Setup doc, which is a set of configuration instructions for the administrator required for a basic LibreHealth EHR setup to a new facility practice. It is supposed to be completed by the end of the internship, but I hope to finish it earlier.

I’m grateful to my mentors for being patient with me, I want to thank my mentors Toni Shortsleeve (KoniKodes) and Harley Tuck Jr (Htuck), who really supported me, guided me through my internship process, and answered my many questions when I wasn’t sure about a task.

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