Life after #Outreachy

My internship with Outreachy is coming to an end, it is one of the best experiences of my life.
As any new and life-changing experience, there is always a question about the next step!

#Outreachy: I have learned a lot while working with the LibreHealth team, it gave me some experience of remote jobs and I enjoyed the flexibility that came with it. Working within a community where I interacted with a diverse group of people, I learned from their opinions and different perspectives. This improved my communication skills as I communicated with mentors and volunteers through the LibreHealth Chat system. My technical writing skills have improved a lot through writing documentations and blogging.

#BeforeOutreachy: I have been contributing to Mozilla for more than three years, with the Arabic Localization team (L10n), helping users by answering questions and providing troubleshooting steps in SUMO (Mozilla Support) and contributing to Mozilla Common Voice to help build a high quality, publicly open dataset.

I am an active member of several communities, I am the vice president at ArabWIC Palestine chapter aiming to inspire and support women in computing in the Arab world and create links with the global tech ecosystem. Moreover, I am an active volunteer at Palestine Tech meetups – a youth initiative that aims to create a voluntary and independent tech community. Moreover, in 2018 I helped in translating the Technovation curriculum from English to Arabic language, which helped thousands of Arab school girls to understand the contest and participate in it.

I am enjoying and developing myself through contributing to these different communities, and I would love to continue contributing to the LibreHealth community and other projects that involve technical writing and documentation.

#Currently: I’m working as a Teaching assistant at An-Najah National University in Palestine, I hold a B.Sc in Computer Information Systems, and Arabic is my first language.
One of my future goals is to pursue my Master degree mainly in Big Data specialization, I’m currently searching for a scholarship.

My advice is Never stop learning, be open-minded and keep developing your skills, even if you don’t know what your next step is!

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